High Performance & Better Consensus

  • 5000TPS & Turing-Complete Smart Contract
  • BVFT, Upgraded PBFT Consensus Mechanism 

Easy-to-use & Scalable

  • Multi-programming language Support              
  •  FinGate & Cross chain & IPFS & KYC/AML 

Wide Scope of Customers

  • Individual, Financial Institution & Startup Team

Faster, Safer, Private


Overall View

  • Consulting & Technical Service for blockchain :  We provide companies, small business etc with consulting & technical services for blockchain.
  • FinTech : Decentralized exchange technology for users to establish their own ecology, with advanced digital wallet, security token, dencentralized payment etc.    
  • Smart City : Facilitate city government with smart management by below on BVC-Chain: Smart Logistics System, Smart Manufacturing System, Smart Trade System, Smart Energy Distribution System, Smart Public Service, Smart Social   Management System and Smart Cultural Service System.